The Advantages of a PV system

Earn up to 10%  or more return on investment.

Installing a system which gives just under 4kW peak would typically cost from £4,299 (subject to survey) and would give an annual payment and saving off your electric bill of over £500.


Get paid up to 4.25p per kWh for all electricity you generate, plus an extra 4.91p for the electricity exported to the grid.

You will be paid 4.25p per kWh at current prices for all the electricity you generate. Until a smart meter is fitted in your home, it is assumed that 50% of your production of green electricity is exported back to the grid for which you get paid an additional 4.91p per kWh. Please note the government may reduce this cost every quarter until you join the scheme and then it rises every yeasr with RPI.

You are required to read your generation meter four times a year and pass this information to your electricity company who pay you directly for generating the electricity 


What happens when you get a smart meter?

Smart meters will become mandatory in the UK by 2020. When this happens you will be paid for exactly the amount of electricity exported to the grid, rather than the deemed amount of 50% at present. In reality this will affect the payback by less than £30 per year for most domestic customers. Once you are on a deemed Tariff of 50% export this remains for the duration of the tariff.


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